Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy and Vanguard high school
"Springboard" After-School

  • ...a program with professional teachers helping your child with school work each day.
  • ...a program that your children like with sports, games, enrichment, and clubs.
  • ...a program that costs about the same or less than after-school babysitting.
  • ...the ultimate in scheduling flexibility for parents.

Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy is in partnership with "Springboard" After-School to provide our families with the opportunity to participate in a core knowledge after-school program. "Springboard" is an after-school homework help and enrichment program offered to CMCA families within our school buildings.  The program's afternoon session runs from the end of each school day until 6:00 PM.  Springboard, who manages the program, has crafted it in careful coordination with our CMCA administration and has tailored it to the needs indicated by our CMCA families.

Of particular interest is that all Springboard staff in this program include CMCA staff members as well. Homework help sessions will be guided by professionals who know and understand the CMCA methods and high standards.  In their work as Springboard’s after-school staff, the instructors will check your child’s homework for accuracy and provide immediate feedback to ensure that the homework is understood and completed on time.  In addition to homework help, students in the program rotate through electives which are slated to include Science Lab, Foreign Language (Spanish), Art History, Instrumental Music (Guitar and Piano), Health & Fitness Instruction, and The Strategy of Chess.

“Springboard" offers programs from one day per week up to five days per week.

Rate Information
 (CMCA Grades K-4 and Grades 5-8):
- After School: $12.99 per day
- Yearly Registration Fee: $35.00 per family; 10% discount for each additional sibling
**Payments may be made by credit card or by checking account through the "Springboard" secure online system.

If you have not already enrolled your child in this new and exciting after-school opportunity, you may do so by filling out an online enrollment form.  You can also view the electives offered and review current "Springboard" policies for students participating in CMCA's "Springboard" program.

For more information, including payment options and available discounts, please visit CMCA's own Grade K-4 page or Grade 5-8 page on the "Springboard" Web site.
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