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Standards & Guidelines for Appearance

This page contains the basic standards and policy guidelines for all Vanguard School students with regard to dress and appearance. Students not adhering to the dress code will not be allowed to attend class until proper attire is brought to school.  The final decision as to the safety or suitability of any dress code issue will be left up to the principal or designee.  Anyone with a medical or religious reason for not following the dress code guidelines will need permission from the principal prior to non-compliance with this dress code.

To view/print individual guidelines for either High School Ladies or Gentlemen, please click on one of the links provided here (a separate window will open):

Dress and Appearance Codes
(Revised: May 2014)

High School Ladies   •  High School Gentlemen 

Basic Standards of Appearance - Guidelines for All Students
  • Clothing must be clean (pressed) and free of holes and tears.
  • Apparel advertising tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances, and/or offensive slogans is not acceptable attire at school or school-sponsored activities.  Clothes making statements with sexual innuendos are not allowed.
  • The wearing of clothing, jewelry or a style of grooming that is identified with membership in a gang will not be tolerated in school or at any school-sponsored activity.  Apparel that interferes with or endangers self or others while participating in school or school-sponsored activities is not allowed.
  • Dress will not be worn that causes or is likely to cause the disruption of the educational process.
  • No jeans or denim apparel of any type or color.

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