Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy and Vanguard high school
Kindergarten Program

Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy offers both half-day and full-day Kindergarten sessions.  Half-day sessions run from 8:00–11:15 AM and 12:00–3:15 PM.  Students who enroll in the full-day session attend a half-day academic session and then a full-day session for the other part of the day. Kindergarten classes are made up of 21 students. Each classroom has a teacher and a full-time instructional aide.

Half-Day Kindergarten
In the half-day sessions, the Kindergarten program uses Direct Instruction to teach reading, spelling, and math. Kindergarten students are taught to read using phonics as well as to spell by encoding through the Reading Mastery program. Connecting Math Concepts is used to teach basic math skills, including counting, symbol identification, addition and subtraction facts, and place value problem solving. In both the half-day and full-day sessions, Kindergartners are exposed to various science, history, and geography units taught through the Core Knowledge Series. They are also exposed to various classic literature stories, familiar sayings, and classic poems through the Core Knowledge Kindergarten book. Students in both sessions are taught how to write letters and words in cursive. The cursive program helps reinforce sounds and the blending of them as students learn how to read. Both sessions also teach about famous American heroes.  Character, focusing on Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy’s “Keys to Success,” is taught through the heroes unit and other stories.

Full-Day Kindergarten
The Full-Day Kindergarten program addresses the kindergarten objectives fully and uses extra time to enrich these objectives in a number of valuable ways. The extra time allows students to explore topics in depth and make related discoveries. The result is a kindergarten day that is an exciting and rewarding start to a child's education. Through a wide range of activities, the Full Day Kindergarten program provides opportunities that promote positive social skills and character development. In addition, time is allowed for practice and reinforcement in the subject areas. The program includes history, geography, science, poetry, literature, core math, music and government, historical character studies, field trips, and a daily homework session. The full-day session allows students to be taught grammar in addition to other various subjects. The grammar program is part of the Shurley Grammar series. A weekly physical education program is also part of the program. Full-Day Kindergarten is a great way to enrich a child's first year of formal education. Visitors are always welcome, so stop by and see what is happening in the full-day classroom.

Check the Admissions Page of our website to learn more about our Kindergarten program and for upcoming Kindergarten Information Nights.

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