Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy and Vanguard high school
Kindergarten Program

Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy offers both half-day and full-day Kindergarten sessions.  Students who enroll in the full-day session attend a half-day academic session and then a full-day extension session for the other part of the day.

Half-Day Academic Sessions
In the Half-Day Academic sessions, character, focusing on Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy's "Keys to Success," is taught through famous American hero units, the schools' character calendar, and various literature stories.  The Kindergarten program uses Direct Instruction to teach reading, spelling, and math. Students are taught to read using phonics as well as to spell by encoding through the Reading Mastery Signature Edition program. Saxon Math is used to enable all children to develop  solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of math.  Kindergartners are exposed to various science, history and geography units as well as classic literature, poetry and familiar sayings through the Core Knowledge® Series.  Students are taught how to write letters and words in cursive. The curved lines of cursive are much more natural for children to form than the straight lines of printing.  The cursive program helps reinforce sounds and the blending of them as students learn how to read. 

Full-Day Extension Session
Through a wide range of activities, the optional, fee-based Full Day Kindergarten program provides opportunities to practice and reinforce content covered in theacademic session.  The Full-Day extension session allows for students to be taught grammar through the Shurley Grammar series as well as writing through the Every Child a Writer (ECAW) curriculum.  A weekly physical education program, additional field trips, and a daily homework session are also part of the program.

Check the Admissions Page of our website to learn more about our Kindergarten program and for upcoming Kindergarten Information Nights.

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