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Athletics Family Passes

A new school year means an exciting array of activities to engage all Vanguard families in enjoying the games, boosting attendance, and building school spirit and pride.  Now is the time to step up and put your support behind our student athletes!

Family passes are available for purchase at all "HOME" athletics events at the Vanguard School gymnasium, including Volleyball and Basketball games.  Admission charges only apply for indoor sports; outdoor sports are free to attend.  The cost for a family pass is $85.00 for the entire year.  It will get you into all HOME contests for Volleyball and Basketball.  The family pass will cover everyone who lives in your immediate household. 

Why is This Such a Great Deal?
Family passes save $$$ !!!  The potential savings of a family pass versus paying league admission prices could be several hundred dollars!  But the best reason to buy is because the proceeds directly benefit OUR students by generating funds for our Athletic program!!

What Level of Passes are Available?
Family Pass: $85.00
Student Pass: $20.00
Seniors' Pass: $50.00

Just compare the costs of family passes with having to pay for individual tickets at league rates for each family member at each sporting event:

Family Pass Costs Average League Prices
  Junior High Sports Senior High Sports
Family Pass: $85.00 Adult: $4.00 Adult: $5.00
Student Pass: $20.00 Children: $3.00 Children: $4.00
                                                  (Children Under 5: Free)
Seniors' Pass: $50.00 Senior: $3.00 Senior: $4.00

For more information on Family Passes, please contact Mrs. Dina Fuqua, CMCA/Vanguard School Athletics Director by E-Mail at

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